Coaching packages

We are members of the International Coaching Federation and abide by their Code of Ethics. We also adhere to GDPR (data protection) rules, and our coaching services are fully insured.

Private individual coaching

We offer leadership, career development coaching, career transition / change coaching, as well as interview coaching and CV advisory.

Leadership Coaching: this is for senior executives and business owners who would like to bring out their authentic leadership styles, get support to take more measured risks, and identify strategies to juggle the numerous priorities across their personal and professional lives. The coaching sessions will be led by the personal goals you would like to achieve, with challenge from your coach to push your thinking outside your zone and stretch your ambition. Sessions can be customised as a set number over 4-6 months, or on a retainer model.

Career Development Coaching: this is for individuals who would like to progress their existing careers but are not sure how. The coaching sessions will focus on clarifying your career goals and tackling the issues that may be holding you back, ranging from confidence levels, ability to leverage your networks, and/or how to navigate calculated risks such as role changes that may improve your platform for promotional opportunities. A commitment of 6 x 60 min sessions over a 4-6 month period is recommended, which includes full DISC or Strengths profiling (depending on your requirements). These psychometric tools can help improve your self-awareness and help you identify strategies to interact better with key stakeholders.

Career Transition / Change Coaching: this is for individuals who are considering making major changes to their careers, whatever the driver (e.g. change in family circumstances, improve work/life balance, desire to find more purpose, etc). It follows a structured approach that helps you to i) Clarify your career goals vis-à-vis your priorities and values in life, ii) Explore alternative avenues by generating bold yet grounded ideas, and iii) take Action on your career change through a measured, achievable plan. For those who simply need to get clarity for now, a series of 3 x 60 min coaching sessions to start is recommended. For those who are clear about needing help on all aspects above, a commitment of 6 x 60 min sessions over a 6 month period is recommended.

Interview coaching and CV advisory: these services can be provided as part of a series of career development or career transition / change coaching sessions (depending on need), or on an ad-hoc basis.

Prices range from £150 - £800 per session depending on the type of coaching you require and whether psychometrics (e.g. DISC, Strengths Profile, Hogans, EQi) will be used. We offer discounted rates for those who are unemployed or on low income as we are passionate about making coaching accessible - just speak with us.

Group coaching

We organise occasional group coaching sessions and career masterclasses across a range of topics including career management, stakeholder management, work-life balance, personal branding and presentational confidence, sometimes as pro-bono sessions in partnership with industry groups promoting diversity. Please contact us or subscribe to our mailing list to indicate your interest.

Corporate and Executive coaching

We can work with your business to customise coaching packages that support C-suite level or senior executives in their leadership journey, with individual employees to maximise their performance potential and encourage retention, and with teams to bring out the best in team dynamics. Depending on your needs, this may include the use of psychometrics like Strengths Profile, Hogans and EQi to identify an individual's strengths and potential detractors to help leaders optimise their authentic leadership styles, or DISC to understand individual and team communication styles to support strategies for improving stakeholder management and operating effectiveness.

Presentational coaching

If it's presentational and public speaking coaching that you need, we can offer this at £250 per session to individuals, and £800 per session to groups. This is delivered by our specialist presentations coach, leveraging techniques that professional actors use in front of the camera and on stage.

Consulting services

We customise consulting engagements depending on business needs. We have particular expertise in the following areas:

Organisational change

Leveraging our unique background in organisational psychology, business strategy and our own management experience of leading large scale change programmes - we can help your management team realign the mission behind your business transformation and identify strategies to remove implementation roadblocks. We do this by working with management to clarify your transformation goals, identify key risks and assess the organisation's readiness to implement change across people, processes and systems. Sometimes it takes an outside-in perspective to cut through the politics and focus on the tasks at hand.

Depending on your needs, we can suggest strategies to minimise change denial / fatigue and maximise the likelihood of creating meaningful and sustainable change against your target business model and organisational culture, utilising behavioural change techniques. These may include recommendations on organisational structure improvements, aligning cross-departmental goals to reduce unnecessary infighting and improve project prioritisation, process re-engineering to increase accountability, efficiency and collaboration, and/or corporate communication strategies to encourage open employee engagement to support key personnel retention.

Risk management

With our background in Enterprise and Operational Risk Management frameworks, controls, monitoring and risk mitigation, we can help your organisation assess its key risks and recommend changes to your internal policies, training and processes to improve organisational resilience. Depending on the nature of your business and its regulatory regime, we can also assess your organisation's compliance levels. Risks could vary from health & safety and business continuity to more complex fraud and information security risks. If specific expertise in specialist topics are required, we can source associate consultants to work with, or recommend other consultants we may be able to serve you better. We can also design and produce bespoke staff training to suit your risk management and compliance needs.

Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements.