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About us

We are an inclusive, minority-led executive coaching and risk advisory partnership that helps people take measured risks using a strengths-based approach. We help individuals and leadership teams find their authentic voice, and empower them to make difficult decisions at important transition points. This includes pivotal moments during organisational change as well as major career / role changes and progression.

We do this by facilitating awareness of one's values, priorities and strengths, and by challenging our clients to diversify their thinking and take action that steers positive change.

We are based in London, but offer virtual services globally across the US, Europe and Asia.

Consulting Services

Would your business benefit from independent advice on how to navigate business transformation or growth, take or manage key risks, and bring out the best in your employees to support the change? Leveraging our unique background across organisational psychology, strategy, business transformation and communication, we offer advice on how to set the right ambitious goals which fit with your organisational values, and navigate major change roadblocks utilising behavioural change techniques. Speak to us about your unique needs.

Individual Coaching

Are you mid-career wondering what your next move should be or if you're even in the right industry, but don't know where to start? A senior manager looking to get promoted but just can't seem to get your pitch or stakeholder management strategy right? Or an executive / C-Suite / business owner wondering how you can lead authentically to achieve strong, sustainable business performance without compromising your family life? We offer individual coaching sessions that help you take stock of your professional experience, clarify your career goals amidst life's priorities, supercharge your strengths and empower you to take measured risks that can accelerate the journey to your destination. 

Presentational Skills

With years of experience presenting to large company boards, speaking in front of cameras and acting live on stage between us, Arceus' partners know a thing or two about what makes a good presentation, and a good presenter. We can provide training to teams or individuals ranging from report or presentation writing to public speaking. Our aim is to help you find your authentic style and communicate effectively.

Team Coaching

Are you a new team with a challenging task ahead, or a seasoned one which wants to improve the way it works together? We are experienced change managers and certified DISC practitioners who can help you understand and improve your team dynamics so you can focus your efforts on prioritising the tasks at hand and managing your diverse stakeholders instead. We also use Strengths Profiling to help you understand the mix of super skills in your team and how you can make the best out of the group's collective contributions.

Incremental change is better than ambitious failure… success feeds on itself.

- Tony Schwartz (as cited in Tal Ben-Shahar, Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment, 2007)

Here's what our customers say

"My sessions with Arceus Coaching were hugely beneficial to me. I gained focus and structure which is exactly what I needed to get towards my goals - these goals also became clearer as I progressed in my sessions. I now feel I have the confidence and the tools I need to make the career change I have dreamed of. Thank you Arceus Coaching!"

- Julia H.

"I reached out to Sam to discuss a complete career change which included training and possibly another degree. It was very reassuring to chat to her and understand the various paths available to me and what was feasible. I trusted her and had a great conversation on where I could go with my career. I recommend her to anyone who is at a crossroads with their career."

- Karuna M.

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